Time to Get on the Scales: the Importance of Weighing Eggs

UK – Aviagen explains how weighing eggs can tell you a lot about the needs of your birds.

For all the mechanical sensors (thermometers, humidity sensors, air quality sensors and even weighing scales) that can be installed in a house, the best sensors of all are the birds themselves. Observing their movements, their positioning on the floor, other behaviour and even their produce (eggs) can tell you a lot about their needs.


Information on egg weights can be invaluable

Whilst weighing eggs and monitoring changes in egg weight might not seem a priority, the information which can be gained from this practice can be invaluable.

The key is to combine monitoring of daily egg weight with trends in bodyweight. Egg weight and changes in egg weight can often be an early indicator of less than optimum nutrition intake.

A change in egg weight will be noted before an effect on production occurs. A drop in egg weights implies inadequate nutrition, while over-feeding and excess nutrient intake will lead to a rise in egg weight.

Using daily egg weight in conjunction with bodyweight trends provides the farm manager with information which will allow any issues to be detected early, aiding accurate management decisions of bird feed allocation during production.

spring scales


Spring scales are weighting balances that need to be hung to make their measurements. They are made of a spring with a loop at the top end for fixing and a hook at the other end to hang what need to be weighted.

Spring Scale

pocket balance

The first record of a spring balance is found in Great Britain around 1770 near Wolverhampton. The inventor incorporated the company of George Salter & Co., who patented the spring balance in 1838.

A spring scale is are also called Spring Balance is very simple: it only uses gravity and Hookes law to operate.

However, it only measure mass (the force of gravity) and not weight and the reading may depend of where you are on the Earth surface. For that reason they are marked with a mention similar to: “no legal for trade”.

Because of their simplistic conception, competitive cost,  robustness, ease of use and rapidity, it is a very popular way to take quick measurements that don’t need to be 100% accurate, like babies weighting in developing countries up to silo storage loads in farms.



UnderweightStress, overwhelming daily issues and bad eating proneness affect being underweight, which consecutively dispossess your body of calories and essential nutrients (vitamins and minerals). All these components can originate early greying of hair and deterioration of your health. Rough skin is an indication that your body lacks vital nutrients necessary for growth and well-being.

This has been revealed that items which seem to help the healthiness of underweight all of us are: muskmelon, figs, raisins, materials funds, muffins, pasta, crackers, and also bagels.

In order to get weight you should eat and drink better calories designed to come solely from carbohydrates. You probably should really place physical exercise and also weight lifting to the everyday routine so as to prevent gaining too much weight as fat.

What is more, water ought to be taken half-hour before or one hour once meals. The intake of occasional tea and soft drinks ought to be lessened. Walking, yoga, massage and diversion all cut back stress, induce smart sleep and facilitate increase weight.