Counting ScaleCounting balances not only measure the weight of the given material but furthermore calculate how much an individual good costs given that weight. Counting scales can be manually set up by the shop owner so that the charge for 1 kg can be changed at any time. The whole method described above (weighing and counting) can be completed very fast, which in turn makes shopping more agreeable for both shop owners and purchasers. Anyhow, recently more advanced counting scales have been popularized…
More advanced calculating scales which are employed only in supermarkets or hypermarkets are equipped with a printer enabling purchasers to actually do the weighing themselves. What the consumer does is that he/she takes the desired number of fruit or vegetables, puts them on the scale and presses the button which has a drawing of the particular fruit or vegetable on it. When the scale has done the counting, it prints a special label with glue on it which can be easily attached to the product. Such an operation saves a lot of time for the cashier who does not need to weigh the articles. Clients usually also appreciate it when their time spent by the cash register is as short as possible.

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