weightTo evaluate the mass of the internet, analysts multiplied the mass of ONE electron (9,1 x 10 to the power of 31) plus the common weight which powers this electron WITH the number of electrons required to post and keep web data in the our planet. They wound up with the total weight of 50 grammes. This might be a surprisingly trivial number given the ubiquitousness of internet in our everyday life.
But, if electrons have weight then by what means do they change the weight of our everyday equipment (notebooks, iPod’s, iPad’s etc.)? Indeed, the weight of the devices bit by bit increases with the increase in the amount of data. To be more precise, this increase of weight is due to the increase of weight of the particular electrons which need more energy to store data. Having said that, this rise of weight is evidently small and unquestionably impossible to dicern by the user.
Hopefully, this article helped you to look at the internet and data in a whole new perspective.

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One Email = ‘Two Ten Thousanths Of A Quadrillionth Of An Ounce’