Laboratory BalanceResearch laboratory balances, depending on the efficiency of the measure can be divided into: industrial precision balances, semi-microanalysis weights and analytical balances. These and the other may be a common or professional. The latter have the top specs and are very ergonomic. Usually also feature a touch screen and a printer, which is used to print the measurement part of the reports.

The most accurate
Precision balances with the top accuracy of d = 0.01 mg is the weight semi-microanalysis. They are exercised in analytical laboratories during a very precise measurement of the samples. The highest measurement efficiency is due to a built-reported weight filters to withhold noise from the outside, vibration and air blowers. While the owner of the laboratory decides to buy a semi-microanalysis weight, he/she must also invest in a certain anti-vibration table. It is also cardinal to control a stable temperature in the room.

The world’s most powerful

Those are less precise analytical balances with the sharpness of reading equal to d = 0.1, and so it is ten times smaller than in the semi-microanalytic weight. Analytical balances are also highly resistant to mechanical destruction. Analytical balances can have a weight of conventional systems. Precision balances, the preciseness of which is 0.01 g 1mg group are the most popular instruments used in laboratories. You may even find that in any modern laboratory find at least one of such importance.